Equality is essential for women and girls to dream freely, achieve proudly and live boldly. That’s why we’re working with amazing charities committed to serving the women and girls in our communities. The Women and Girls Match Fund is here to multiply generosity, tackle gender inequality and stop discrimination.

Stage 0: The Raise

Big Give starts to secure match-funding commitments from champions.

Stage 1: Initial application

Big Give markets the opportunity to charities. The application involves completing the information for the project charities are seeking to raise funds for. 

Stage 2: Vetting and Notification
Big Give completes due diligence checks on all applications and passes them on to a panel of experts who will review and assign Champion funding to charity campaigns. The total amount of Champion funding allocated to a charity makes up their match funding pot for the campaign.

Stage 3: Marketing
Big Give provides a free suite of resources to help support  charities to maximise the opportunity and market the campaign.

Stage 4: Campaign
All donations to participating charities are doubled. The Champion funds are used to match online donations. Any donations raised over the overall target count as extra, unmatched, unrestricted donations to a charity’s campaign. 

Stage 5: Post-Campaign
Learning and impact assessments are sent out, along with Champion reports and charity reporting requirements. 

The Women and Girls Match Fund follows our 1:1 model


Eligibility criteria:

  1. Be a UK-registered charity with a Charity Commission number or tax-exempt status and an annual income of at least £25,000 (as per last filed accounts).
  2. Charities which are registered on BigGive.org (free to register).
  3. Charities seeking to raise either £2,500, £5,000 or £10,000 in public donations (to be doubled by the match funds). Charities are able to use the campaign to raise unrestricted funds.
  4. Charities working to to improve the lives of vulnerable, disadvantaged or underrepresented women and girls within the UK and internationally.
  5. Charities that are led by, for and with women and girls. To assess this, we will look at whether your governing documents specifically mentions women/and or girls, whether you have a majority female board, who your beneficiaries are and your web presence (if your organisation has one).
  6. We would encourage applications from charities that are led by Black and minoritised women and girls, LGBTQI women and girls, or Disabled women and girls. These applications will be prioritised in our assessment process.


Sign-up process:

  • Log in or sign up, head to Big Give Campaigns, and click on Apply now for  the Women and Girls Match Fund



  • 27 March: Applications open
  • 23 June: Applications close
  • 3 August: Offer deadline
  • 11- 18 Oct (midday): Campaign


Sign-up process:

  • Get in touch with Big Give. We’ll send you a Champion commitment form, and once completed, we’ll help you curate your portfolio of charities.

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Who matches donations?

Partners of Big Give, who we call Champions. A Champion can include high-net-worth individuals, foundations, philanthropists, trusts, statutory bodies, companies and more.


How does online matching work for the public?

The public will be told if matching funds are available or not when they donate. When donating, match funds are reserved for 30 minutes to complete the donation. All donations are matched in real-time, and donors can see how much match funding has been allocated to their donation.


Are the funds received during the campaign restricted to the charity’s project?

Funds received during the campaign are restricted to the project the charity has outlined in their application until they hit their target. If a charity receives additional online donations after hitting its target, these funds may be unrestricted.


I’m interested in becoming a champion and want to learn more.

Please visit our funders page for more information or get in touch directly at champions@thebiggive.org.uk.