The importance of innovative fundraising campaigns

Mike Zywina is the founder of Lime Green Consulting which supports small charities to develop their fundraising strategies. He has shared his thoughts on why it’s important to create outstanding fundraising campaigns and practical steps that you can take to make this happen for your organisation.

“With so many compelling causes, great fundraising campaigns and quirky events out there, it’s harder than ever to stand out from the crowd. With changing fundraising regulation and declining public trust in charities, we’re going to need to be more creative than ever if we’re to appeal to the general public and convince people to support us.
Lots has been written recently about the state of fundraising, but it’s not all doom and gloom. There are inspirational and innovative fundraising ideas popping up all the time. It’s often impossible not to marvel at how people were ever able to come up with such brilliant, compelling and original ideas.

At some point I’m sure that you’ve been told to “be innovative” or “think outside the box”. Sadly, those words often have the opposite effect! Getting creative isn’t easy, so if you’re trying to come up with that knockout concept but keep drawing a blank, here’s our eight-step plan for success.”

Read Mike’s top tips in full here.

In June, Lime Green Consulting are running a workshop on fundraising in a changing climate, in light of recent changes to regulation. You can read more about what this entails and sign up here.