Welcome to the 2024 Big Give Photo Challenge, where we celebrate the power of storytelling through the lens. This year’s theme, “Your Narrative in a Frame,” calls upon charities to capture the essence of their impactful work and convey their mission through a single, powerful image.

Theme: Your Narrative in a Frame

Our theme revolves around visually impactful storytelling. We’re on the lookout for submissions that shine a spotlight on the inspiring work of charities. We invite participants to capture their narratives in a single frame, showcasing the depth and breadth of their impact.

Entry Criteria

To enter the photo challenge, charities must have participated in any Big Give match funding campaign between 1st January 2022 and 10th June 2024. Each charity can submit up to three high-quality photos taken within the last three years that embody the theme, “Your Narrative in a Frame.”

By entering, participants agree that Big Give has permission to use all imagery for website and commercial marketing purposes and that they hold exclusive copyrights to the images submitted. Read our full terms and conditions here.

Click here to access our photo challenge form and enter now.

Key Timelines


Winning charities can decide if the prize money is paid directly to their charity or allocated as match funding in any Big Give campaign* ending by 30th June 2025. 

*Charities can use their award money as pledges for their 2024 Christmas Challenge campaign. Charities will receive the full award amount from Big Give after the Christmas Challenge campaign ends, regardless of the amount raised in their 2024 campaign.

Our Esteemed Judging Panel

We are honoured to have a distinguished judging panel for this year’s challenge:

What is Big Give’s Anchor Match Fund?

Thanks to the kindness of supporters, we have been able to use additional funds raised from our tips to provide match funding to our amazing array of charity partners. Helping to ensure that those charities who make a huge difference in the areas they work in, but do not have the access to the funds or publicity of others, continue to get the support they need.

We are proud that our Anchor Match Fund can provide this fantastic opportunity for our charity partners to achieve additional prize funding from Big Give. We invite all charities to participate in this year’s Big Give Photo Challenge and showcase their stories through the art of photography.