The re-launch of the Big Give:what you need to know


Why are you re-launching the Big Give?

After 10 years of the Big Give, and over £100 million raised for charities, we decided it was time to re-build the platform to bring you an improved experience and additional opportunities to raise funds. The new platform will provide you with a whole host of new opportunities and features, as well as an easier-to-use platform and experience. Some of the new features include:

✔ Improved functionality to run fundraising campaigns on the Big Give platform.

✔ The ability to setup and run your own matched fundraising campaigns.

✔ Improved journeys for applying to matched funding campaigns run by the Big Give e.g. The Christmas Challenge.

✔ Team functionality enabling multiple team members to login to one charity account.

✔ Discussion groups to share ideas, questions, best practice with other charities using the Big Give platform.

✔ Improved and customisable reports into donations you’ve received on the Big Give platform


When will the new platform be available from?

The new platform will be live from 15th May.


How do I log in to the new platform?

If you are a primary contact for your charity’s account, you will receive further communications from us with your new login details on 15th May. Secondary contacts won’t initially have access to the new platform but primary contacts will able to give them access if needed.


What happens to projects I have already created on the Big Give?

Projects on the old Big Give site will be captured in an archived format so anyone with the link will be able to view the information but supporters won’t be able to donate.

Projects with an ‘active’ status which were updated or received donations since 1st January 2018, will be moved across to the new platform as ‘draft’ Campaigns. You will need to complete the drafts to make them live on the new platform if you’re actively raising funds for them. Once you have activated your Campaign, it will be visible on the new Big Give site. You can do this by logging into the new platform (we will be providing you with login details) and going to ‘My Campaigns’. The rest of your projects will be moved from the old platform to the new platform in ‘archived’ form. You will be able to view them but you won’t be able to edit them and they won’t be visible on the new Big Give site.


How do I create a project on the new Big Give platform?

You can create campaigns via the new Big Give platform by going to ‘My Campaigns’. We’ll be in touch with details about getting your organisation set up on the new site. If you need to run a project urgently, please get in touch with us.


Can I log in to my old charity account area?

You will be able to log into your old charity account before the new platform has fully launched on the 15th May, however, you will not be able to edit any data in your charity account. After this date, you will no longer be able to log into your old charity account and will need to login via the new platform to access your information.


Will the old site be viewable?

The old site will be viewable if someone has a link to it. Some pages (for example the homepage) will automatically re-direct but some of the old pages will be viewable in an archived format.


What do I do if the Big Give is our online donation tool?

If you’re using the Big Give platform as your regular online donation tool, you’ll need to update any links to your old project page and donation page to your new campaign page. If you are using our donation button code on your website, you will need to update the link in your donation button code to your new campaign page, depending on which donation button code you are using.