The Summer Give campaign in partnership with the Childhood Trust raised over £778,000 to help children in London over the school holidays. We ran the Summer Give Awards to recognise the campaign’s most successful participating charities. We are now delighted to share news of the winners with you.

How were they judged?

The winners

Overall winner (£1,250): Jamie’s Farm

Jamie’s Farm’s project, Thriving Families, allowed families who had been affected by the Grenfell Tower tragedy to spend a week on Jamie’s Farm this summer, benefiting from their ‘Farming, Family and Therapy’ philosophy. Click here to read about the impact this has had on young people and their families from London.

Special Award (£1,000): Summer Hype

This award was for the charity project that provided the most original solution to meeting the needs of children and young people this summer. Laurence Guinness, Chief Executive of The Childhood Trust, explained why Summer Hype was this year’s winner:

“We chose the Summer Hype programme because of their ambitious focus on personal growth and developing peer relationships in a supportive, inclusive and stimulating environment. This goes beyond the provision of diversionary activities and strives to challenge children on a deeper level to think creatively about themselves and the challenges they experience in wider society whilst at the same time encouraging them to take responsibility for their actions. This is a powerful programme that has a lasting impact on all the children who participate. Well done Summer Hype!”

Congratulations to all those who entered and particularly to this year’s winners.