After long deliberation, our judges have concluded this year’s photo challenge winners. A picture is worth a thousand words, and all the amazing photos we’ve received tell a powerful story of the importance of charitable work and the impact it has on thousands of lives.

Without further ado, our winners are…

First Place

Our judges were blown away by the beauty and power captured in the award-winning photos from Space for Giants. From intimate landscapes of elephants to sweeping vistas of the savannah, these images remind us of the awe-inspiring beauty of the natural world. Their stunning photos perfectly capture their important mission of safeguarding Africa’s precious natural habitats and the magnificent wildlife within them. As a result, they will win £2000 towards their charitable work.

These photos show the positive impact of Space for Giants’ Human-Elephant Co-existence program in action.
Space for Giants has a mission to help protect Africa’s remaining natural ecosystems and the large wild animals they contain while bringing major social and economic value to local communities and national governments.

Second Place

These heartwarming photos from Safe Passage International showcase the joy of families reuniting after a long and difficult separation. It’s a beautiful reminder of the importance of love and support during trying times. Their wonderful submission will win £1000 towards their important work supporting refugees. 

We were lucky enough to attend the midnight arrival of Habib* to the UK, who we helped reunite with his uncle and family here. Habib is 17 and was separated from his family as they fled Afghanistan last year. He ended up alone in Europe but has had no word or update from his family since.
With our help, he applied to join his uncle, who lives in the UK with his wife and children. These moments of relief, love, family and humanity are hope in the dark for our work with refugees.

Third Place

Harpenden Spotlight on Africa‘s winning photos not only capture the beauty of happiness but also highlight the positive impact that the charity is making on local communities. The judges were particularly drawn to the compelling stories behind the photos and felt this was a worthy winner for our £500 award.

Images by ©Philip Lee Harvey. Sylvia was attacked and left for dead by her husband, Spotlight on Africa is helping her rebuild her life. She has started planting lemon trees for her family and to sell at the local markets.
A young mother welcomes her newly born child into the world at Spotlight on Africa’s Nick Maughan Maternity Centre, Uganda.
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