Philanthropy hits daytime TV

A brand new BBC daytime show is looking for charities to showcase their work via the story of one of their donors. In this programme, ordinary members of the public will positively change the lives of others by giving them the gift of a lifetime.  Led by TV presenter Aled Jones, contributors will retrace their personal history to help them make the momentous decision about where to donate their life-changing gift.

How does it work for a charity?

The production company working on this are interested in hearing from charities who would like to take part in the programme. You will need to be able to provide a donor who is willing to donate at least £1,000 (there is no maximum) and who is willing to participate in the capacity described above. The programme will document their gift to a beneficiary of your charity allowing you to gain exposure to a TV audience as a result.

How can I get involved?

To be involved, the donor and/or charity will need to be available for filming this summer. Please email if you’re interested so that we can connect you to the production company. 


*This opportunity has now ended*