The Process

1) You must collect your pledges after the Summer Give ends on Monday 17th June and before 5pm on Friday 12th July.


2) Pledges can be paid to your charity directly by BACS or cheque, via CAF, or as a normal donation to your project page on


3) If you did not raise enough online donations to use all of your pledge match funds, each Pledger is only obliged to pay a pro-rata amount of their pledge. For example, if you had £4,000 of pledge match funds but only raised £2,000 in online donations, each Pledger only needs to pay 50% of what they pledged.


4) When you have received payment of a pledge, you must upload proof in your Summer Give dashboard. You must upload one piece of proof per pledge. See a list of accepted proof below.


5) When you have uploaded proof that all of your pledges have been received, they will be reviewed by a member of the Big Give team. We will be in touch to let you know if your proof has been approved or if you need to take further action.


If you have any questions about the process, please email


Types of Payment and Proof Accepted

1) If you receive your pledge via BACS, you must upload a screenshot, scan or photo of your bank statement. This must show your charity name (or if this isn’t possible, show your bank account details matching the details you have verified with our payments processor, Charity Checkout), the name of the Pledger, the correct pledge amount and the transaction date.


2) If you receive a cheque, you must upload a scan or photo of the cheque, including the paying in slip. This must show your charity name, the name of the Pledger, the correct pledge amount and the date that the cheque was cashed.


3) If you receive a donation via, you must upload a screenshot of the donation taken from the ‘Your donations’ tab in your account area. This must show the name of the Pledger, the correct pledge amount and the donation date.


4) If you receive a CAF payment, you must upload a screenshot, scan or photo of your CAF statement. This must show your CAF account number, the name of the Pledger, the correct pledge amount and the transaction date. You must also provide evidence that the CAF account number shown relates to your charity.

Please also note the following:

  • We cannot accept emails uploaded in a .msg file format
  • If you need to you can merge multiple files into one PDF file using a free tool online
  • If you’re concerned that there is sensitive information on the screenshot, or feel you do not have permission to share it with us, you could consider hiding details not relevant to the Pledge proof. We would recommend taking screenshots in an image format (PNG or JPEG) and then blanking out information there before converting into a PDF document


Note that whatever proof you upload, it must show that the pledge was received between 17th June and 13th July 2018, and not before. If you receive pledges before 17th June, you may be obliged to find a replacement Pledger.


Example of Accepted Document




When can I start collecting pledges?

  • You can start collecting pledges after the Summer Give closes at midday on Monday 17th June.

I have received a pledge payment – how do I upload proof of receipt?

  • Login to your Big Give account and open your Summer Give 2019 Dashboard. Next to the name of the Pledger, change the Pledge Status from ‘Not Paid’ to ‘Paid in Full’ or ‘Pro Rata’, whichever is appropriate. An upload button will then appear where you can attach proof of receipt.

What is the deadline for collecting my pledges and uploading proof?

  • The deadline for collecting pledges and uploading proof to your Summer Give dashboard is 5pm on Friday 12th July 2019. Note that you will not receive any Champion match funds owed to you until you have completed the process.

My Pledger wants to pay their pledge as part of a larger single donation to our charity. Is this allowed?

  • Yes, but the Pledger must send a letter to confirming that the pledge is included in the donation and that the pledge amount is intended as restricted funding for your Summer Give project. E.G. If they have pledged £100 and want to donate £1,000 by cheque, the letter must state that £100 of that cheque is restricted funding.

My Pledger paid their pledge before the close of the Summer Give on 17th June, what do I need to do?

  • As per our Terms and Conditions, if your Pledger gives before or during the Summer Give, this will not be recognised as a pledge. They will either be required to give again or you will need to find a replacement Pledger before the 12th July deadline.

The ‘upload pledge proof’ button in my Summer Give Dashboard isn’t working, what shall I do?

  • We recommend that you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox when uploading proof as the functionality does not work as well in Internet Explorer.