What is it?

The Big Dinner is an online match funding campaign run by the Big Give and The Childhood Trust. The Big Dinner is a new campaign for 2019 and is focused on alleviating the impact of child poverty, specifically food poverty in London. During the week of the campaign supporters can have their donation to participating charities doubled.

Who is eligible?

Who matches the donations?

Example: If a charity is seeking to raise a total of £8,000 towards their project and receives online donations of £4,000 in the Big Dinner, these donations will be doubled by the pledges (£2,000) and The Childhood Trust (£2,000).


Essential Docs

Big Dinner Guidebook

Campaign Terms & Conditions

Stage One Application Guide

Setting a realistic target

Stage Two Application Guide

How can I apply?

Applications for the Big Dinner 2019 are now closed

Stage 1 Application Deadline: 1st February

Stage 2 Application (Pledges) Deadline: 2nd March

Campaign Dates: 10-17th April

Feel free to get in touch at info@thebiggive.org.uk or on Twitter @BigGive.

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