Since 2008, over £150m has been raised for thousands of good causes via the Big Give through the power of match funding. This fantastic result would not have been possible without our Big Give Champions that provide the match funding!


Champion: EQ Foundation
Campaigns: The Christmas Challenge, The Green Match Fund
Charities supported: The EQ Foundation has donated over £1,000,000 since 2015 to registered charities. Through the Big Give, they have funded charities either working in early years intervention with children or working on climate action projects.
Further information: To find out more about the charities they support, visit



“We have partnered with EQ Foundation, the charitable arm of EQ Investors, since the Christmas Challenge 2016. The EQ Foundation has not only supported some hugely impactful charities through our match funding campaigns but has provided an invaluable resource for the Big Give and our other Champion partners through the development of the Giving is Great platform [an easy to use resource any philanthropist can consult when scoping potential charity partners]. In our view, EQ is a wonderful example of a funder leveraging not just their philanthropic capital but their time and skill to achieve collective impact. We are proud to call them a partner.” Alex Day, Director of The Big Give.


Why did your organisation decide to match fund through the Big Give?

Over the years of working with the Big Give, we’ve found that match funding is an incredibly effective way to meet new, impactful charities and leverage our donations. Through match-funding campaigns like the Green Match Fund and the Christmas Challenge, we’ve donated over £1,000,000 to a variety of charities, allowing the charities to essentially triple their funding through pledges and online donations.


What charities do you support through the Big Give and why?

We have supported over 100 charities on the Big Give. However, some of those inspirational charities include:

Excellent Development– we really like the engagement with the local community and the long-lasting multiple benefits of sand dams and school water tanks.

The Borne Foundation– finding a solution to premature birth would improve the life chances of millions of people every year. Borne is carrying out ground-breaking research in collaboration with top experts around the globe.

Surfers Against Sewage– they’re doing such a great job in engaging communities to take action against plastic pollution.

Birth Companions– they help pregnant women and new mothers in difficult and disadvantaged circumstances care effectively for their babies.


What impact have you seen through supporting charities through the Big Give?

The charities we work with have attracted new supporters who remain engaged and often become regular supporters. They have also found that they often receive higher donations due to the incentive of matching, which is fantastic!

Through Big Give campaigns, the EQ foundation has also been introduced to lots of new charities who we’ve been able to create long-lasting relationships with.


As you look to the future, what important goals are you hoping to achieve?

We want to make it easier for people to identify impactful charities and to gain more satisfaction from their giving. Giving is Great was set up by The EQ Foundation to create greater transparency in the charity sector. If you are a charity, you can sign up for Giving is Great here and keep your charity profile up to date. Read more about it:


A big thank you to our incredible Champion of the month, the EQ foundation. You can keep up to date on our website to find out more about all the charities they’re supporting this year in the Christmas Challenge. Don’t forget to save the date and make your donation go further this Christmas!


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Author: EQ Foundation
Editor: Bethany Duxbury-Campbell