2015 Success stories

See how a selection of participating charities approached the Christmas Challenge and used the funds raised to deliver their projects by reading success stories from 2015.



Previous success stories

Take a look at how two charities benefited from the Christmas Challenge in 2014 and 2013.

Build Africa

officials of Chicofar group in their farm (2)

Name of Project? Help educate 5,630 children in East Africa

How much did you raise? £120,735

Who was your Charity Champion? The Waterloo Foundation

Which year did you participate? 2014

How did you make the Challenge a success? We made a particular effort with our major donors who are excited at the prospect of getting their donation matched and leveraging additional funding for the project.

What impact did it have? We benefitted fully from the matched funding which makes a huge difference to our project and how much impact we are able to have. We have supported more than 5,000 children to receive a quality education, equipping them with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.


Westminster Befriend a Family

Name of Project? Every family needs a home

How much did you raise? £22,525

Who was your Charity Champion? The Childhood Trust

Which year did you participate? 2013

How did you make the Challenge a success? We emailed approximately 150 warm supporters and received donations totalling £10,000. Our team has developed experience of online campaigns and we now have the skills and experience to take part in the Challenge this year and in other digital campaigns.

What impact did it have? Westminster Befriend a Family doesn’t usually receive any online donations. The biggest success of the Challenge was the opportunity to re-engage with lapsed supporters and raising £20,000 in our first online campaign.