Christmas Challenge 2022 was the biggest Christmas Challenge campaign ever, featuring 1021 fantastic charities and more match funding available than ever before! It was also taking place against a backdrop of economic uncertainty, which tested the abilities of the amazing fundraisers. Whilst the percentage of match funds used up for this campaign was understandably lower than in previous years, the campaign collectively raised over £28 million, far exceeding our expectations.

We want to highlight some key learnings from our post-campaign feedback survey from participating charities. 

CC22 Survey Results

We received over 980 survey responses from charities that participated in Christmas Challenge 2022 and have collated some of the top statistics below!

Feedback from charities

“It was brilliant for us as a small charity, as we don’t have our own fundraising campaign. It was useful because we were given a step by step instructions on how to do a campaign. The resources from the webinars were really useful.”

“Our first Big Give Christmas Challenge surpassed all expectations. Initially we set ourselves the mighty challenge of raising £25,000, but we smashed this in day three, which enabled us to redouble our efforts and set a second target at £31,000. We hit this on the fifth day, and we are pleased to announce we reached £33,852 overall. This campaign has had a huge impact on our organisation. All funds raised will go towards supporting our core activity, which will enable us to sustainably scale as we meet the increasing demands for our services. Through the campaign we also reached new audiences, raised awareness of our organisation and our cause, and we also gained the confidence to take part in other fundraising endeavours such as this.”

“This is a key way to engage our lower level givers as well as making our major donors and corporate partners feeling that they are playing a pivotal role. It is really helpful to have the match-funding to add to an ask at the end of the year, especially when money is tighter.”

Case Studies

We received over 100 applications for our Christmas Challenge Awards. Our top 13 charities feature those that went above and beyond for the 2022 campaign, showcasing outstanding achievements, exceeding campaign targets and demonstrating excellent examples of engaging with their supporters.

Read the award-winning case studies. 

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