The Big Give has closed its Philanthropy in Schools programme after raising over £50,000 for more than 900 charities on

First established in 2010, Philanthropy in Schools was founded to inspire the next generation of philanthropists. Over 3,000 students from 22 schools took part in the programme, which offered a platform for students to explore the role of charities in society and engage with different charitable causes. They were encouraged to research, discover and present the charities that inspired them most in their local communities and further afield. Through generous sponsorship, students could then donate to these charities on

Participating schools have praised the programme not only for building young people’s knowledge of intelligent giving, but also for offering students the opportunity to develop key skills in research, negotiation, decision making and public speaking.

Alex Day, Director of the Big Give, says:

“Engaging young people in the importance of charitable work and the impact that they can have as individuals is an important task. Seeing young people engage enthusiastically with important causes at the local, national and international level has been extremely inspiring. We are very proud of the work achieved by the programme and hope that participating students go on to continue supporting the causes they care most about throughout their lives.”