The Big Give Charity Consultation

Why are we doing it?

At the Big Give, we work according to the principles of the agile methodology, a framework that keeps customers and their feedback at the heart of everything you do. We are currently reaching out to the incredible charities that we work with to get more feedback about our work. This is to enable us to build our understanding of the needs of the charities that we work with so we can ensure the products and services we offer are best adapted to fit these.

What’s happening?

Selected charities have been invited to take part in interviews or focus groups as part of the charity consultation so that we can gather detailed insights into your experiences working with us.

All charities will have the opportunity to contribute feedback via the Big Give consultation survey that will be circulated soon. Please watch this space and take the few minutes needed to complete this survey so that we can listen to what you have to say.

If you’d like to speak to us directly to offer more detailed feedback about what you do or don’t like at the Big Give, please email us at

How will it make a difference?

We will be analysing this feedback and looking at what this means for our work going forward so it’s an important opportunity to feed into the Big Give’s strategy. It will be reviewed alongside the match funding research that we are currently undertaking with donors, as well as consultation with the philanthropists that we work closely with to bring you our match funding campaigns.