Since 2008, over £150m has been raised for thousands of good causes via the Big Give through the power of match funding. This fantastic result would not have been possible without our Big Give Champions that provide the match funding!


Champion: The Childhood Trust.

Campaigns: Champions for Children and the Christmas Challenge.

Charities supported: The Childhood Trust supports projects that provide disadvantaged children with practical and emotional support where it is needed the most. They also support projects that inspire children through participation in arts, education and sports activities.

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Using the Big Give platform, The Childhood Trust has supported hundreds of charities over the years through large match-funding campaigns. These include their annual summer campaign, Champions for Children, and the Big Give’s Christmas Challenge. They believe that every child should have a healthy, happy and safe childhood so that all children are well prepared for life- breaking the cycle of poverty. With their second Champions for Children campaign coming up next week on the Big Give site, we sat down with them to find out a bit more. 


Why did your organisation decide to match fund through the Big Give?

The Childhood Trust utilises the Big Give’s platform because it means we can create campaigns that bring donors together through match fundraising. By supporting our charity partners with match funding, we can create a much more significant impact for disadvantaged children and young people in London.


What charities do you support through the Big Give and why?

We have over 300, primarily grassroots, London children’s charities in our network. They all work with disadvantaged children and young people and provide a vast range of practical and emotional support that collectively covers all the needs of children living in poverty in the capital.


What impact have you seen through supporting charities through the Big Give?

The Childhood Trust’s matched fundraising campaigns have generated £21.5m of funding for more than 700 projects since 2013. These projects have engaged approximately 270,000 children during this time, alleviating the impact of poverty and helping children whose lives and life chances would otherwise be blighted by poverty.


As you look to the future, what important goals are you hoping to achieve?

We want to ensure that every child living in poverty in the capital has a local charity to turn to when they need practical or emotional support. To do this, we need to scale our mission and support even more local charities. We will achieve this by developing new ways of engaging Londoners to generate the resources that children living in poverty need.

This short film highlights the work of the Childhood Trust in the words of the people running the projects that we fund. Click to watch.



We want to thank The Childhood Trust for using our platform to support hundreds of amazing charities across London! Next week, The Childhood Trust’s annual Champion’s for Children summer campaign starts on June 8th. This campaign will feature over one hundred charities, supported by The Childhood Trust, seeking to raise over £3.5m to provide support this summer and beyond for vulnerable and disadvantaged children whose lives have been devastated by the pandemic. 


Every donation made to a participating charity on the Big Give site, during the campaign, will be doubled whilst match funds last. So save the date to make sure your donation can have double the impact! 

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Author: The Childhood Trust
Editor: Bethany Duxbury-Campbell